Volunteers – Experience the festival from the inside

Each year some 350 volunteers help with the running of the festival, and these fantastic people mean EVERYTHING for its success! Their commitment and dedication prior to, during and after the festival produce that special, magical atmosphere that we want to share with the rest of the world. Thank-you so very much for helping to make the Førde International Folk Music Festival the adventure it is.

Why be a volunteer?

Firstly, because it’s fun and you get to experience the festival from a different perspective. You will meet a veritable crowd of people from both Norway and abroad, and share their enjoyment of the music and the festival. To become a volunteer might just be the smartest investment you can make. As a volunteer you will have free admission to all of the concerts during the festival, provided there are spare seats available. Note, however, a few exceptions to this arrangement, such as the lunch concert at the Town Hall on Friday, July 8, for which you will need to purchase a ticket.

If you are considering joining this band of heroic people who donate some hours or days of their time in the service of folk music, simply fill out the form in the link below, or ring +47.46905010 for a festival chat.