Practical information

Festival tickets are on sale at

It’s easy to find your way around

If you’re coming by car, just follow the signs to Førdehuset, where you’ll find the festival office, switchboard, comprehensive public information, festival registration and ticket offices.

Where are the concerts?

The main arena for festival concerts is Førdehuset, which has several concert scenes. In addition, concerts are arranged both in and around Førde. See the arena map for complete information.

Seating arrangements

Nearly all of the concerts employ general (un-numbered) seating, while a few, usually outdoor, concerts have festival or lawn seating. There is the option of reserved seating for concerts at Idrettshallen, Førdehuset.

The concerts start on time!

To avoid delays in our tight schedule, all concerts start precisely on time. Members of the public who arrive late will be admitted during the applause.

More about Førdehuset

Førdehuset is one of Norway’s oldest concept-built Community Centres. It was built in 1976, and restored and expanded in 1997. It contains a swimming pool, 2 cinemas with daily screenings, a sports hall, theatre, library and art gallery. It bustles with activity year round – concerts, sporting events, conferences, dances, etc., and is also the main arena for the largest annual event in Førde – the Førde Traditional and World Music Festival.  

About Førde

Førde is a town of some 13.000 residents, centrally located in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. Førde lies innermost in Førde Fjord, in the region known as Sunnfjord. Førde and the surrounding communities offer many different activities and attractions. You can find more information about these on the web pages of Fjord Norway and

Contact information

Festival office
Phone.: +47 46 90 50 10

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The festival always takes place during week 27:

  • 2019: 3-7 July
  • 2020: 1-5 July
  • 2021: 7-11 July