Førde conference 2016

Førde Conference, Thursday, July 7, at Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa

The influence of culture in a changing community

he increasing stream of refugees to Norway is a challenge – but it also provides
the Norwegian community with greater diversity and human resources. Can culture play a central role during times of great change in the community? Precisely how can culture be a tool for change? And might increasing diversity be a threat to traditional Norwegian culture, identity and values, or might it contribute to increased innovation?

At this year’s Førde Conference you’ll meet thought-provoking speakers who can give us an insight into how cultural life can contribute to a more open diversity in Norway. We take up the challenges that increased diversity brings with it. But – YOU are also important. The conference participants will be encouraged to present their own ideas and thoughts on mobilizing the force of culture in the changes that our community is now undergoing.

Some of the invited speakers have accepted (see below), and the names of the others will be published as soon as possible!

In the meantime, cross off Thursday, July 7, 2016, and join in this important conference on culture and diversity in a future Norway.


Here are some of the speakers you will be hearing during the conference. More names to come!