Photo: Silvina Couste

Photo: Silvina Couste

Blessed with an extraordinary voice, URNA has the ability to directly communicate with her listeners through her music, trans-cending all linguistic and cultural barriers with her dynamic, soaring vocals. Her songs evoke the immense grasslands of Mon-golia and relate stories about the Nomadic way of life. Born into a family of nomadic herders in the Ordos grasslands of InnerMongolia, URNA carries the spirit of her homeland in her music as she performs around the world. While being rooted in thetraditional music of her homeland, URNA continues to take her music to new directions


THURSDAY 4.JULY, 23.00 Sommarnatt på Jølster
Jølstramuseet, Vassenden

FRIDAY 5.JULY, 16.30 Publikumsfavoritten: Kroke
Storsalen, Førdehuset

SATURDAY 6.JULY, 20.30 Gjensynsgalla – 30 år utan grenser
Idrettshallen, Førdehuset