Photo: Tamas Opitz

Photo: Tamas Opitz

Muzsikás needs no introduction, neither to a Hungarian audience, nor abroad – the legendary band has won acclaim for Hungarian folk music across the world. The pioneers of the dance house movement provided inspiration for many artists with their honest and yet masterly approach, to dig ever deeper into traditions, and fly ever higher with music. One of those inspired have been Polish Muzykanci, truly their equal in dedication and skill, playing a wide range of Polish, Hungarian, Gypsy, Jewishand Balkan melodies.


FREDAG 5. JULI 21.00 Columbi Egg
Hugleik, Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa

LAURDAG 6. JULI KL. 10.00 Kurs: Ungarske dansar. Instruktør: Attila Vojtek (Muzsikas)
Gymsalen, Førde Barneskule

LAURDAG 6. JULI KL. 17.00 Muzsikas & Muzykanci
Storsalen, Førdehuset

LAURDAG 6. JULI KL. 22.30 Dans, dans, dans!
Festsalen, Førdehuset

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