Photo: Jacek Dylag

Photo: Jacek Dylag

From the very beginning, the idea of the band was a continuous search for something new, also within ourselves. The musicians admit – We would like our music to be called simply KROKE MUSIC. KROKE, initially associated solely with klezmer music, in their current works draw inspiration from ethnic music using their own improvisations. They create their unique style which floates across borders, forms and time, which was not only noticed by the audience, but also appreciated by artists around the world.


FRIDAY 5.JULY, 14.30 Møt artisten: Kroke
Utstillingssalen, Førdehuset

FRIDAY 5.JULY, 16.30 Publikumsfavoritten: Kroke
Storsalen, Førdehuset

SATURDAY 6.JULY, 20.30 Gjensynsgalla: 30 år utan grenser
Idrettshallen, Førdehuset

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