Photo: Sirkel Foto

Photo: Sirkel Foto

«This was magical! It must be the most amazing thing I have ever experienced!» This was how the audience reacted to the first performance by Gjermund and Einar Olav Larsen and Eldbjørg and Ragnhild Hemsing. Two sets of siblings, each leading artists in Norway within their own fields, provide a performance to remember with their programme ranging from folk music from Valdres and Trøndelag to works by Bach, Ole Bull and their own composer, Gjermund Larsen !


SATURDAY 6.JULY, 20.30 Festivalgalla
Idrettshallen, Førdehuset

SUNDAY 7.JULY, 17.30 Hemsing/Larsen To Damer To Herrer
Fjordamattunet, Vassenden

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