Timbila Muzimba

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Timbila Muzimba was born of a cultural and artistic vision among a group of young Mozambican musicians and dancers in August 1997 in the township of Jardim, Maputo. Beginning with the their own native Machope tradition, the group is dedicated to a passionate, and ongoing exploration of the diverse traditions of Mozambican music and dance. With unblinking artistic authenticity, natural virtuosity and the captivating energy of youthful spontaneity, they bring the magic, depth and intensity of Mozambican music and dance to the stage in a spirit of joyful renewal and loving dialogue with tradition.

Antonio Mateus Chabuca - bass
Celso Eduardo Mahuaie - timbila, perkusjon, mbira, vokal
Clementina Ernesto Zimba Uamusse - vokal
Geraldo Antonio Mahuaie - timbila, perkusjon, mbira, vokal
Juliao Ibrahimo Charamatine - trommer
Lucas Zeferino Macuacua - vokal
Candido Salomao Zango - timbila, perkusjon, vokal
Osorio Francisco Mahuaie - perkusjon

SATURDAY 7. julY - 14.00 Timbila Muzimba
Teatersalen, Førdehuset

SATURDAY 7. julY - 20.30 Festival gala
Idrettshallen, Førdehuset

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