Fliflet/Hamre is an amazing, eclectic duo from Bergen. One is a folk musician, the other an explorer of rhythms. Together, Gabriel Fliflet and Ole Hamre have created a very special musical style. They call themselves The World's Smallest Total Orchestra. Like Edvard Grieg and other Bergen composers and musicians, they enjoy stealing a good traditional folk tune – and turn it into something new. Their music is full of vitality and contrasts. It is complex beyond some inspectors' wildest dreams – but catchy and accessible. Fliflet/Hamre have created a musical landscape with a huge variety of smells and colours, but there is still an unmistakable wholeness about it. Maybe that's why people with very different musical preferences find it familiar – and yet refreshingly different.

Gabriel Fliflet - trekkspel, vokal
Ole Hamre - trommer, hamrofon, melodika, vokal, dans

FRIDAY 6. julY - 21.00 Columbi Egg (Gabriel Fliflet)
Restaurant Hugleik, Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa

SATURDAY 7. julY - 22.30 NordiC Club
Festivalsalen, Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa        

SUNDAY 8. julY - 12.00 Fliflet/Hamre
Rytne gard, Bygstad

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