Elida Almeida


Winner of the Prix Découvertes RFI in 2015, Elida, a young woman born twenty-four years ago on the island of Santiago, developed her vocal techniques with simple church singing. She also fostered her musical culture, presenting a show on local radio in Maio, where she grew up after her father died, helping her mother, an itinerant trader. A determined woman and committed champion of the right to education, Elida left the rural world to write her love and protest songs. Her freshness and warm voice brought her instant success - one of her first pieces (Nta Konsigui) was immediately chosen as the theme music for a famous Portuguese TV soap, A Unica Mulher. If Elida Almeida now has a 'golden cradle', she was not born to it. She built it herself with grace and tenacity.

Elida Almeida  - vokal
Hermani Almeida - gitar
Nelida Da Cruz - bass
Diego Neves - tangent, trekkspel
Magik Santiago  - tromme

SATURDAY 7. julY - 20.30 Festival gala
Idrettshallen, Førdehuset

SUNDAY 8. julY - 15.00 Elida Almeida
Idrettshallen, Førdehuset

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