Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko

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Constantinople is a musical ensemble that chose the journey—geographical certainly, but also historical, cultural and inner—as its cornerstone. It draws inspiration from all sources and aims for distant horizons. Inspired by the ancient city illuminating the East and West, Constantinople was founded in 1998 in Montreal by its artistic director, Kiya Tabassian. Since its founding, the ensemble promotes the creation of new works incorporating musical elements of diverse musical traditions around the world. Over the course of the decade, the ensemble has created over 40 new works and travelled to nearly 125 cities in 25 countries.

At the same time extremely poetic, inspired and inspiring, hypnotic.
An enchanting atmosphere. A particularly beautiful and fabulous show…

FrIDAY 6. JulY - 13.30 Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko
Festsalen, Førdehuset           

SATURDAY 7. JulY - 20.30 Festival gala
Idrettshallen, Førdehuset