Barokksolistene - The Alehouse sessions

Barokksolistene in action. photo: Knut Utler

Barokksolistene in action. photo: Knut Utler

The Alehouse Sessions – curated and devised by Bjarte Eike – is an ever changing and evolving insight into the music of the English 17th Century tavern. It gives audiences a window into this tumultuous period through Purcell overtures, English sea shanties, and Scandinavian folk songs thrown in for good measure. These sessions have already been hailed as «irresistible» (The Times), «superb» (The Scotsman) and «fabulously unrestrained» (The Guardian), and they have diverted away from the traditional concert model by «creating the effect of a late night jamming session» (BBC Music Magazine).

Bjarte Eike – fiolin, vokal, kunstnarleg leiar
Tom Guthrie – vokal, fiolin
Helge Andreas Norbakken – perkusjon, vokal
Fredrik Bock – gitar, charango, vokal
Hans Knut Sveen – trøorgel, cembalo, vokal 
Johannes Lundberg – kontrabass, vokal        
Steven Player - dans, gitar, vokal
Per T Buhre – fiolin, bratsj, vokal

saturday 7. july - 17.00 Barokksolistene - The Alehouse sessions
Storsalen, Førdehuset

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