9 grader nord

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9 degrees north of the equator lies the exotic island, “The pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka, where the majority of this eclectic band originate. With instruments such as the bamboo flute, guitar, and the cajón, 9 Grader Nord perform ragas from A to Z. The band was founded by flute-duo sisters Mira and Dipha hiruchelvam, who were later joined by Jakob Sønnesyn on bass and Jakob Sisselson Hamre on cajón. Their music offers a mixture of baila, flamenco, carnatic, Bollywood, jazz - and a vision of challenging the local musical palate by fusing flavours from abroad.

Mira Thiruchelvam - gitar, vokal, fløyte
Dipha Thiruchelvam - gitar, vokal, fløyte
Jakob Sisselson Hamre - perkusjon
Jakob Sønnesyn - bass

Friday 6. July - 23.00-02.00, Friday party with 9 Grader Nord and Fanfaraï Big Band
Larris Scene, Scandic Sunnfjord Hotel & Spa

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