Mamar Kassey

Kasseys are jolly good fellows «Mamar Kassey is the working group name used by the musician Yacouba Moumouni (nicknamed Denke-Denke). Taboussize-Niger continues in a predominantly acoustic and traditional vein, revealing an increased level of maturity and confidence in performance. Moumouni has a deep, rich, thick voice and plays flute in an earthy and breathy fashion. He also plays kamalengoni lute, backed by an ensemble that includes a raspy single-stringed fiddle and pulsing talking drum. However, this isn’t entirely acoustic traditional fare – there’s an electric bass and flashes of electric guitar that round out the production. Two female voices impeccably fill out Yacouba Moumouni’s terrific vocals on a
West African album that is an absolute joy.» Martin Sinnock – Songlines Magazine