Førdehuset is the very heart of Førde International Folk Music Festival. You'll find the ticket office here (in the basement), and several concert locations of varying sizes.

Sports Hall
The festival's largest arena, with seating for 2,000. The largest performances are held here - the opening concert (Thursday), the Gala concert (Saturday), a large concert on Friday evening and a daytime concert on Sunday. There is numbered seating in parts of the hall.

Storsalen (Large Scene)
This large cinema makes a splendid concert scene, with seating for 430 downstairs and 110 in the gallery.

Festsalen (Reception Room)
A theatre with seating for 180 in concert mode or 100 as a café. This scene has a floor of parquetry and during the festival is used for both concerts and dances.

Teatersalen (Theatre)
A smaller concert scene with seating for 150. Ground floor.

Utstillingssalen (Exhibition Room)
A smaller room that serves as an international book café during the festival. "Meet-the-artists"-sessions and similar arrangements are held here. Seating for 50. Ground floor.

Kunstsalen (Art Gallery)
A smaller room that is used for debates, lectures and similar arrangements. Seating for 30 - 50. First floor. 



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