Next edition of the festival: July 3-7, 2019

This year's festival is fully booked, but from September 1st 2019, you are welcome to send artistproposals to: 


Experiences of a lifetime!

The Førde Traditional and World Music Festival is the largest festival for trad and world music in Scandinavia, presenting  about 90 acts from 30 venues and 300 artists from all over the world for 25-30 000 visitors each year. In addition, we arrange concerts and other events during the year. The festival is regarded as one of the most important in Norway, and receive grants from the National Arts Council, the region and the municipality. The festival is covered by national and international media. The 30th edition of the festival will take place from 3-7 July 2019. The festival has been awarded among the 25 best world music festivals worldwide for the latest 6 years by the international music magazine Songlines, rated on the Guardian’s top 10-list of small town festivals in Europe, and on National Geographic's top 7 list of festivals in Europe, as the only Norwegian festival.

The festival programme is of great variety, with concerts, workshops, exhi­biti­ons, children’s events, dance evenings etc. Plus different kinds of projects during the festival week and throughout the year. 

The main festival arena is the culture centre, “Førdehuset” with four concert halls from 170 to 2500 seats. Festival events also take place in hotels, museums arts centres and outdoor stages in and nearby Førde, altogether about 20 venues.

Unique music in unique surroundings:  Førde is a small town on the western coast of Norway, 150 km north of Bergen, surrounded by fjords, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls.

Førde is a small town situated in beautiful surroundings in the fjord region on the western coast of Norway, about 150 km north of Bergen. 


The festival emphasizes a theme each year:

1990: Eastern Europe
1991: Aborigins and minorities
1992: African roots
1993: Gipsy music
1994: The far East
1995: The Mediterranian Sea
1996: South of the Sahara
1997: Latin America
1998: European Minorities
1999: Music around the Black Sea
2000: Celtic music
2001: Music along the Silk Road
2002: The Iberian Peninsula
2003: European voices
2004: Saludos del Caribe! Music of Caribbean
2005: Sounds from the Caspian Sea
2006: Brazil
2007: Emotions francaises - France and the French diaspora
2008: Dialogue
2009: World Voices
2010: FREEDOM and Oppression
2011: Women’s World
2012: Coexistence
2013: Music & Nature
2014: Local-global for 25 years!
2015: World ConneXions
2016: Flight!
2017: Nordic Sounds!
2018: The Dance in the Music - the Music in the Dance!
2019: 30 years without borders! 

Facts about Førde Traditional and World Music Festival

  • 300 artists,

  • 25 countries represented

  • 90 concerts, workshops and other festival events,

  • 28 0000 visitors.

  • 300 volounteers

Staff: 6 persons working for the festival all year

Concerts through the year: The festival also organizes concerts throughout the year, presenting both traditional and jazz music at top level.