The group performs in both Greek and Turkish and aims at bringing this music and its dances fully back to life, as if Rembetiko in Anatolia had not died out along with so many other aspects of multi-cultural, Ottoman life.

Chouk Bwa Libète

Join in as this Haitian ensemble call upon the spirits with polyrhythmic drumming and trance-inducing chants. This is voodoo music! Chouk Bwa Libète is a traditional Haitian roots group. They play mizik rasin, a Haitian genre that emerged in the late 1980s, drawing inspiration from both traditional Haitian – especially voodoo – rhythms and foreign influences such as reggae.

Circus Raj – Rajasthan

This veritable “supergroup” of Rajasthan’s elite street circus performers from this fascinating region’s legendary entertainment communities, combine their amazing skills. They perform breathtaking acts of courage and bravery, preserved over many centuries from the time of the Maharajas. They take this ancient, mystical and magical circus format to even greater heights.

Djønne & Børsheim

Annlaug Børsheim (fiddle, guitar, vocal) and Rannveig Djønne (diatonic accordion), both from the Hardanger fjord region in Norway, have played over a hundred concerts together in Norway and toured in Scotland, Germany and Italy.

Dreamers’ Circus

Danish folk is more and more seen as contemporary and vibrant, and is attracting a large, new and younger audience. The acoustic trio Dreamers’ Circus is not so much a product of this development, but more one of the main forces behind it.

Erlend Apneseth: Nattsongar

Erlend Apneseth is one of Norway’s most renowned Hardanger fiddle players. Traditionally rooted, in recent years Apneseth has made the contemporary/improvised music scene his home and his debut recording Blikkspor (Grappa Musikkforlag, 2013), produced by Arve Henriksen, received critical praise from folk, jazz and contemporary music magazines alike.


Faytinga comes from the Kunama people, where women and men have equal rights. She joined the liberation struggle at the age of fourteen, where she was given education and later become a combatant until the liberation in 1991.


In 2005 seven students of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, formed the ensemble Federspiel. Utterly incredible skills meet the necessary youthful and charming freshness in playing, musical arrangements. With creativity, spontaneity and joy Federspiel have redefined brass band music and litteraly created their own musc style: Federspiel.

Festival film: Fuocoammare

Gianfranco Rosi’s observations of everyday life bring us closer to this place that is as real as it is symbolic, and to the emotional world of some of its inhabitants who are exposed to a permanent state of emergency. At the same time his film, which is commentary-free, describes how, even in the smallest of places, two worlds barely touch.

Gjermund Larsen Trio & Nordic

Gjermund Larsen Trio and Nordic might be seen as two of the leading representatives for this development, with their creativity and playfulness combined with a profound respect for traditions. In their common concert at the Førde festival, they will perform a developed version of Gjermund Larsen’s commissioned work for Oslo International Church Music Festival 2015, together with the two trio’s own material.

Grindstuen & Midtlis

Grindstuen & Midlis loves to make people dance. In 2015 they won the "Landsfestivalen", the Norwegian championship for troditional dance music. This automatically gives them the opportunity to play at the festival in Førde the next year. They play dance music from the eastern part of Norway.

Gutu Abera

Gutu comes from Etiopa and loves singing and training. Since 2013 he has been a part of Fargespill in Bergen, and this winter he brought the TVaudience to tears when singing for the Norwegian King and Queen as they celebrated their 25 years on the throne.


Hailing from the high pastures of the Altai Mountains in south central Siberia, the musicians have spent decades honing the overtone singing, instrumental approaches, and vibrant songs of their home.

Indre Sunnfjord Spelemannslag

Indre Sunnfjord Spelemannslag is a local "spelemannslag" that ranks among the best reputed in our country. The founders of this group was indeed also involved in the initiation of the Førde Traditional and World Music Festival in the late 80-ties, and alongside playing at the Summer Night in Jølster, all the members also contributes in the organization of the event.

Jawana Thayaseelan

Jawana comes from Sri Lanka, and came to Førde in 2006. Since she was a little girl she has been dancing the Bharathanytyam, and she has now reached level six out of eight with her dance teacher, Latha Ithayasegaran in Florø. Jawana is also a dancer in Fargespill.

La Bottine Souriante

La Bottine Souriante first appeared on the Québec music scene in 1976 and is a living legend of French North American roots music. They have sold over half a million albums worldwide, they have won dozens of awards and headlined festivals around the world. The

Mahala Rai Banda

The 11-piece brass band’s blend of hard Balkan brass with minor key violin and accordion melodies has made them as a force to be reckoned with. Having taken shape on the mean streets of Bucharest, Mahala Rai Banda’s sound is 21st C Gypsy music: rooted in tradition but with hints of dub and soul, Turkish and Arabic assimilated into their roaring dance mix.


Having played alongside each other for over ten years, they revel in an intuitive approach to each other’s musical ideas and interpretations, and an “almost telepathic communication” on stage (Hi-Arts), effortlessly showcasing the fruits of duo partnership to the highest level, creating “music more than the sum of just two parts” (The Scotsman).

Mamar Kassey

Kasseys are jolly good fellows «Mamar Kassey is the working group name used by the musician Yacouba Moumouni (nicknamed Denke-Denke). Taboussize-Niger continues in a predominantly acoustic and traditional vein, revealing an increased level of maturity and confidence in performance.

Margit Myhr: Stilt trør kvinner i sørgedans

In 1349, a father imprisoned his daughter in a small house on the farm, to save her from the black plague. In 1733, Liv Engebretsdotter was executed as the second last person in Hallingdal, Norway, accused for having killed her newborn child.

NorwayGasta Design
Mari Skeie Ljones: Spring du fela

There will be lyric, folk music and story telling when Spring du fela performs at the birthplace of Jakob Sande. In this exciting project, tales of the fiddlers of old from Gudbrandsdalen take on new life through the texts of contemporary poets and the music of Mari Skeie Ljones and Camilla Granlien.


Morgonfrosken (The morning frog) is the name of a trio, who will perform the concert When the morning frog sings. The songs are about the big things and the small things, like friends and friendship, love, and the universe. 

Mor Karbasi

Mor Karbasi took the international world music scene by storm with her debut album in 2008. Her life reads like an exciting novel – a mixture of history, magic, joy and hard reality. 


Since the start in 2009, Navarra has received attention for its energy and genuinely original relationship with nordic traditional music.


Kurdistan exists, the musicians of the group Nishtiman prove it. Driven by a mad glee, they celebrate unity in all its diversity, Kurdish Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Better than a speech. Nishtiman is a pioneer adventure!


In a fast-changing Indonesia, a new generation of musicians are taking on the task of redefining their rich musical heritage for the new millennium SambaSunda brings together a dazzling array of instruments and influences to create a new style Gamelan orchestra and the most exciting musical voice out of the archipelago today. 


In a fast-changing Indonesia, a new generation of musicians are taking on the task of redefining their rich musical heritage for the new millennium SambaSunda brings together a dazzling array of instruments and influences to create a new style Gamelan orchestra and the most exciting musical voice out of the archipelago today.

Sindre & Co

Sindre & Co are five men who put all their pride in making the best dance music. They all come from the western part of the country, and consequently this is also where most of their music comes from.

Syrian Prayers

In Syria, ancient Christian traditions once thrived side by side with countless branches of Islam and Judaism for many centuries. The conflicts are of more recent date. Tonight we immerse ourselves in Syria’s complex diversity of religious music, and meet fantastic singers and musicians who now live in exile.

Terje Isungset: Arctic Ice Music

A unique meeting with the ice people and their music. Together with Inuit musicians Beatrice Deer & Evie Mark from Canada, Radik Tyulyush from Tuva, and with Sami Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska and Maria Skranes, Terje Isungset, the world’s only ice musician, explores the music of indigenous groups living amongst ice, snow and cold.

Trio Madeira Brasil

Trio Madeira Brasil is one of the most exciting groups to emerge in the world of instrumental music in recent years. It brings together three virtuosos with the idea of making music that at the same time is both energetic and refined. Their repertoire includes the classic as well as the eclectic, representing the best of Brazilian culture, principally the “Choro” music, while also attentive to influences from other cultures.


Vigüela embarks on a new adventure breaking from conventional patterns that imprison and standardize our music. Taking the generational learning from teachers who keep alive the ways of doing as the reference, Vigüela works on the codes, the stress on the melodies, the melismatic colors of the voice, the no-rhythms and polyrhythms that define the asymmetric and spontaneous wave of frequencies that thrills and transports you, pinching your heart.


Värttinä’s trademark has always been razor-sharp harmonies sung by powerful leading ladies, currently the founding member Mari Kaasinen with Susan Aho and Karoliina Kantelinen. Värttinä just released their 13th studio album titled ”Viena”, inspired by the trip the group made to the Viena Karelian folklore villages in Russia.